coralPlay is a new generation of playout software that has been designed from the outset to work in the cloud but that can also be run on standard PCs, should the customer prefer to host the system in their facility. The software provides an automation control interface as well as a video pipeline, delivering video and audio in a variety of output formats.  As well as delivering primary video, coralPlay provides secondary functions such as graphics and subtitling.


The system can scale from one to hundreds of channels. Channels can be launched within seconds and also decommissioned easily after use, all in software, without the need for complex re-wiring or having to take the system down to perform software updates.

CoralPlay is able to support multiple frame rates within the same system thereby enabling the same system to control channels for both NTSC and PAL regions at the same time.



In order to ensure that playout runs smoothly it is important to check that media is present, it has been quality checked and it is in the right place at the right time in the correct format for the channel in which it is scheduled. coralMAM performs these essential tasks.

When lists are loaded the system will automatically look for media that corresponds with the media IDs in the playlists. Media can be stored locally or it can be held in deeper storage, either in the cloud such as Amazon S3 or in an archive within a facility. The system automatically retrieves content that is not in local storage but is in its designated deeper storage locations.

Media retrievals are managed centrally and prioritised by earliest on air time across all channels to ensure that what is needed first is moved first. If media cannot be found in any storage location, the operator will be alerted by highlighting the missing media in red and providing missing media reports. Both primary and secondary media is managed, including graphics and subtitle files.


coralFlow is a user configurable workflow engine that allows users to define a variety of actions to be performed on media prior to playout. For example, once media is ingested, it may be required that an automated or manual quality check is carried out, followed by the creation of a low res proxy and then the media is to be pushed to Glacier if not required for say the next week. The workflows can be defined by the user with a set of tools and then saved to the database.

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