to demonstrate many new features at NAB2023


Leeds, UK, 30th March, 2023 – Cloud playout specialist Ltd announced today that the company will exhibit at NAB 2023 and is looking forward to demonstrating a range of new features recently added to its flagship coralPlay, coralMAM, and coralFlow products.


Preview UIRecent enhancements to coralMAM include a review and segmentation tool, which enables customers to review media and to mark up keyframes and segments. It comes with a control panel, which has jog/shuttle functionality as well as PLAY, PAUSE, FFWD, RWD and slider functions. There is also an audio level meter which together with the audio helps users to identify suitable segment start and endpoints. During review, marked segment and keyframe information is stored in the database and can be accessed by playlists when media is played out later. After review the media can be marked as ready to air and this status is visible in the playlist and throughout the system.


Another feature, added to coralPlay, is an advanced playlist load function. This enables the loading of several days or even weeks of playlists in advance in any random order and to monitor their status. Any newer versions of playlists can be loaded in automatically to replace older ones. Even the on air playlist can be replaced, where intelligent logic is applied to ensure that the current playout is not interrupted whilst the replacement playlist is loaded. When loading in the new playlist, the on-air event plus a safety lockout period is left intact and the remaining playlist is replaced with the relevant section of the new playlist.


Other enhancements include a “Go to live” function, which enables operators to immediately switch to a live source at any time, irrespective of what is scheduled in the playlist and to return easily when the live event ends using a join-in progress. Nielsen Watermarking has also been added as well as many user interface improvements.


There are also enhancements to coralFlow,’s powerful workflow manager to improve the efficiency of the caching of media from deep storage locations to the on-air playout hosts. Another recently added feature is a new quality control feature, whereby media is played at faster than real-time through a spare video pipeline ahead of time to make sure that there are no issues prior to going on air.


At NAB, the company will also be demonstrating improved HTML5 graphics and DVEs, enabling a range of graphics elements to be scheduled and played out easily, including animated bugs, lower thirds, and complex DVEs.


The company will be exhibiting on stand no N2964A.


About Ltd
Based in the United Kingdom, offers next generation real-time playout, workflow and media preparation solutions. All products are cloud native and are a suite of microservices that are containerized using docker and deployed and orchestrated using Kubernetes. They are optimized to take advantage of the inherent elasticity, redundancy and flexibility that hosting in the cloud offers. Systems can be hosted in any public cloud as well as on premises.


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