showcases coralPlay at IBC2018


Leeds, UK, Sept 6th, 2018 – Cloud playout and workflow specialist, Ltd., announces the launch of coralPlay.


coralPlay is’s new ground-breaking playout software that has been designed to operate both in the cloud and on premises. The software is built using modern technologies including microservices, Docker containers and standard IT orchestration. Rather than the common timecode based architecture of a conventional real-time application, the system is event-driven and this means that it is ideal for cloud hosting where the availability of resources is not guaranteed all of the time. It also means that it can handle multiple frame rates and therefore channels from different time zones with different standards can be played out via the same system. Follow the sun models across the globe can, therefore, be easily managed.


The software provides an automation control interface as well as a video pipeline, delivering video and audio in a variety of output formats. CoralPlay provides a video server, graphics, subtitling, DVE and up/down scaling all in software. There is support for live events and the system is able to overlay graphics or subtitling and insert interstitials where required. In addition, there are also functions for monitoring by exception and automated content retrieval from either cloud or on-premise storage locations. The system is operated entirely from a web browser.


coralPlay can launch new pop-up channels and events very quickly and is also able to decommission them just as quickly when they are no longer required. This provides cost savings as the customer does not have to pay for these licenses when they are not in use.


Today, the system supports MPEG-2 transport stream I/O and will soon support 2022-6 and 2110 uncompressed video over IP. is exhibiting on stand number #7.C57.


About develops and supplies real-time playout and content preparation solutions. With considerable prior experience in automation, is creating a new generation of products specifically designed to work in cloud environments with an emphasis on security, elasticity, redundancy and deployment.


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