Leeds, UK, 30th August, 2019 – Cloud playout and workflow specialist coralbay.tv Ltd has announced the release of coralEdge.


coralEdge is a new feature within coralPlay, a next generation playout product from coralbay.tv, that enables customers to distribute their playout geographically to reduce hosting costs and to work around low bandwidth connectivity. A typical installation may be in a hybrid configuration where some of the system is hosted in a public cloud and some is hosted on premises.


coralPlay is a distributed playout system where any of its microservices, which are deployed as Docker containers with Kubernetes, can be hosted on any server on a network, whether that is in the cloud or in a facility. In a coralEdge configuration, the system is typically configured with central automation control in a public cloud and remote edge servers in the regions that they serve. coralEdge makes sure that playlists and media are copied ahead of playout time from a central storage location to the edge servers that host the video/audio pipelines, which play the media, graphics, subtitling, switching, keying, scaling, encoding and any other audio/video processing functions.


This process of moving media and playlists to the remote edge servers has been designed to operate even if the connection between the central control location and the regions is poor. If connections are lost the transfer of data stops but when it is re-established it resumes until all the data has been transmitted. During times of lost connectivity the edge servers are able to continue to play out autonomously.


Peter Hajittofi, comments,

“This is a powerful new feature that will be of benefit to many of our customers that play out to a number of regions, especially those that have to reach remote locations where links may be unreliable. An added benefit is that as our system is operated entirely via a web browser, it can be monitored and controlled from multiple locations anywhere in the world. Also, as we have designed our system to be agnostic it can be distributed across public clouds from different service providers, such as AWS and Azure.”


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