announces the release of Adobe After Effects pre-rendering


Leeds, UK, 26 February 2019 – Cloud playout and workflow specialist, Ltd., announces the release of automated Adobe® After Effects® pre-rendering of graphical elements in coralPlay’s on-air playlists.


Built on top of coralFlow,’s new workflow tool, the After Effects pre-rendering software extends the asset fulfilment functionality of coralPlay to not only transfer existing assets to the playout server but additionally create them via pre-render where appropriate. Using full native import of After Effects projects to extract template fields and loop markers, both primary and secondary events can be rendered with real-time progress displayed in the run down.


Once rendering is complete, the fulfilment software ensures that the rendered assets are copied to the servers responsible for playout and from there they are played either as primary events or keyed over existing primary events at the appropriate time.  They can also be moved to a deeper storage location for reuse later if required.


The software monitors all playlists and prioritises the jobs by earliest on-air time to ensure that what is needed first is processed first across all channels.  Any changes in the playlists that affect graphics result in a dynamic re-prioritisation of the pre-rendering order to ensure that the change is handled in the correct order according to the revised needs of the playlists, aborting renders when appropriate. The status of all jobs is monitored and displayed in an After Effects job list in the GUI as well as within the on-air playlists.


Peter Hajittofi, CEO of comments

“By using After Effects pre-rendering we are able to handle many on-air graphics requirements, including dynamic now/next/later information. After Effects enables us to provide complex 2D and 3D graphics and to serve multiple channels from a small number of render engines, meaning significant cost savings for our customers.  An added advantage is that so many broadcasters already use Adobe After Effects for creating their graphics templates so there is no need to learn a new tool. ”


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