Our Vision

We recognise that the desire to host video solutions in the cloud varies from one user to another. By architecting all of our applications using the latest cloud technologies, is able to provide solutions that can be hosted in the cloud, on the ground or a blend of both, according to the user’s specific requirements. This has a fundamental advantage that the user experience is consistent independent of hosting and a move to cloud does not necessitate a whole new product (aka the ‘web client’) or worse still, a legacy product forklifted up, which results in compromised functionality, additional costs and an inability to utilise some of the core advantages of the cloud.


With considerable prior experience in automation, we are now creating a new generation of products specifically designed to work in cloud environments with an emphasis on security, elasticity, redundancy and deployment.

 Our Management Team

Peter Hajittofi

Chief Executive Officer

Peter Hajittofi has a proven track record in building businesses, having formerly co-founded Pebble Beach Systems with Julian Hepworth and former colleague Ian Cockett. Under his leadership Pebble Beach Systems developed award winning playout products and grew to become a world leader in automation solutions, with successful installations at leading broadcasters in over 60 countries. Prior to his time at Pebble, Peter was the managing director of Louth Europe.

Julian Hepworth

Chief Technology Officer

Graduating from York University with a Class I degree in Computer Science, Julian Hepworth now has over 20 years experience of developing world class automation solutions for the broadcast industry.

Having started his career with Logica and then Harris, he went on to found Pebble Beach Systems with ex colleagues Peter Hajittofi and Ian Cockett in 2000. Here he was the lead architect for the highly successful Neptune and Marina automation products which are now installed all over the world.

Robert Di Paolo

Chief Software Architect

Rob has over 12 years experience in the TV Broadcast Industry where he started as an engineer installing and supporting automation systems. After moving into software development, which he studied at university, he became a key architect and developer on a number of leading and groundbreaking automation products at Pebble Beach Systems. Rob is now very excited about leveraging the latest developments in Web Technologies and the Cloud, which is revolutionising the way software is written and broadcast systems are architected.

Gavin Smith

Director of Video Technology

With over 9 years of experience in the TV Broadcast Industry, Gavin was instrumental in developing Channel In a Box / software video pipelines at Pebble Beach Systems. He has extensive low level knowledge of AV processing including decoding, encoding, video scaling, AV synchronization, live streaming, keying/compositing, and subtitling. With the advent of Cloud technologies, he believes they are fundamentally changing the broadcast landscape and is excited to leverage their power to provide new software solutions.