The landscape is changing… is a new company offering realtime playout and content preparation solutions for both the cloud and the facility.

Many of our competitors, who have systems that were originally designed as classic real time playout systems, claim to have cloud solutions when all they have really done is run their existing software under a VM or in a cloud environment. Although in theory their software may run, if it hasn’t been designed from the ground up to operate in an environment that doesn’t guarantee the availability of resources all the time, it isn’t practical to operate such systems in the cloud. Cloud service providers, such as Amazon, charge by the amount of resources consumed. Legacy real time systems that were designed to run on the ground were rarely optimised to minimise resource usage (as server hardware was cheap), so if lifted into a cloud environment the run-time costs could be extremely high. is developing a new generation of playout solution using microservices that is optimised for cloud hosting and/or cloud playout. The software is deployed using docker containers and uses standard orchestration.


Work Flow

Cloud Native


What We Offer offers cost effective software based playout solutions that can be hosted on bare metal, virtual machines or in public clouds such as AWS, Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure. The software provides an automation control interface as well as a video pipeline, delivering video and audio in a variety of output formats.